2019 Tour de Gem

Dayton Strong Cycling Team

Welcome to the Dayton Strong Cycling Team!

Our goal is to raise money for victims of the Memorial Day tornados. As a Team Captain, I want you to know I have a personal interest in this mission. My home was one of many in my neighborhood that was in the direct path of the EF 4 tornado.

When dawn broke the morning after the tornados I surveyed what was left of my wonderful neighborhood. Trees and utility poles down everywhere, blocking police and fire units. Homes and cars damaged and destroyed. Survivors were going from home to home, checking on each other. It was a devastating scene. But within hours help began arriving. Neighbors, first responders, off duty police and firefighters with chain saws, scout troops with strong muscles, church groups with food and water, Good Samaritans from everywhere - the community response was as awesome as the storm that precipitated it.

In 1913 the Great Flood nearly wiped the Dayton region off the map. Our ancestors rallied and responded to the need.

Now, In 2019, it is our time to respond. Be a part of history as we recover from the Memorial Day Tornados. The mission is on-going. Help is still desperately needed. Please be part of this effort. Join the team and ride or if riding is not possible, please contribute to the cause and support a rider. Be a part of something wonderful.

Thank You



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