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A little girl drawing clean water from her filter at home.
A little girl drawing clean water from her filter at home.

Caring Response Madagascar Foundation - Clean Water Lemurs

Help the Clean Water Lemurs save lives for years to come in Madagascar by donating now to equip a town of 4,880 people with safe water.

$100 equips a family with a latrine and $25 provides them with a water filter.

Cincinnati non-profift Caring Response Madagascar is teaming up with the Rotary Clubs of Cincinnati and Northmont to build on the huge success of our previous Model Healthy Village near Madagascar’s port city of Tamatave, which reduced water-borne disease 77% in two years. We’ve helped this community overcome a huge cause of child mortality, family sickness, and lost school and work time.

Now we’re launching a new quest to equip the 800 families of Analamalotra with safe water. Our team goal is $7,500.

Your donation will be put to work immediately as the new project launches in September, 2019. Our Malagasy non-profit partners ONG St. Gabriel have been leading successful water and sanitation projects in and around Tamatave for almost 20 years:  they are pros.

The problem we’re tackling is that impoverished communities have no water or sanitation infrastructure and no quick way to clean the water they draw from the river for drinking and cooking. Here’s how the Model Healthy Village works: an experienced local team of health promoters work with community leaders, schools, health providers and families to discuss the changes they can make to prevent water-borne disease. Families receive water filters and latrine parts, learn how to maintain them, and build their own outhouses. Local residents are trained as health promoters and local masons get certified to help with maintenance of equipment. In short, the community gains the health knowledge and the skills to keep their families safe.


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