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Children greeting you from Tamatave, on Madagascar's east coast
Children greeting you from Tamatave, on Madagascar's east coast

Caring Response Madagascar Foundation - Clean Water Lemurs

The Clean Water Lemurs are raising funds to provide latrines, water filters, and hygiene educaton for 4,880 residents of Analalmalotra, an urban neighborhood in Madagascar's port city of Tamatave. This is Caring Response Madagascar's fourth Model Healthy Village project. Our first three have drastically reduced child mortality in rural communities on the outskirts of Tamatave. 

Water-borne diseases are a major cause of Madagascar's huge burden of sickness and childhood deaths.  Imagine how great it will be for babies, children, and families to be liberated from diarrhea!

We're also providing each family with an ecological stove that heats efficiently with branches and twigs from the forest (no need to cut down a tree or pay for expensive charcoal). It vents the smoke outside the house so the family doesn't get sick from breathing in the particulates.

For $44 you can provide a family with an ecological stove! $125 provides a water filter and a latrine. A pretty good deal to renovate a kitchen and a house.  Most important, you're saving lives!

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