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SICSA Pet Adoption Center


SICSA - Saving Lives & Building Families Together 1 Mile at a Time!

In early 2018, Bambi came to SICSA with a basket-full of his siblings to look for a brighter future with a forever family. But Bambi had a tough road ahead of him. He was born with a birth defect called carpal laxity, in which is forelimbs were curved, making walking difficult on this young pup. Luckily, this defect was something he would likely grow out of.

However, Bambi was also born with a heart defect and a grade 5 heart murmur. Shortly after coming to SICSA, a specialitst diagnosed him with a condition called mitral valve dysplasia. This condition means that one of the valves in little Bambi's heart is irregularly shaped, and he would need a very special home. 

The vets and animal care staff were careful to place Bambi with a family who could love and care for him as much as he deserves. Bambi is now living comfortably with his forever family, thanks to the diligence and love from SICSA's staff and volunteers. 

SICSA is able to take on special cases, such as Bambi, because of generous community members like you. 

Bambi’s story is a perfect example of
why joining SICSA's Tour de Gem Team matters.

Whether you are riding the "granny gear", "JRA" or a "break away specialist," as we start our Tour de Gem journey together, we ask you to remember that your ride helps us to save pets’ lives right here in the Greater Miami Valley. All of your time, energy and support for SICSA as part of our bike team all goes towards helping our pets in need, their families and our community.

Your support matters. 
It matters to the pets,
it matters to their families and
it matters to our community!

Together, SICSA and our supporters like you, have provided sanctuary, sterilized, and found loving homes for over 55,000 pets. We have also sterilized another 65,000 pets in the community through our Spay/Neuter Programs, and provided humane education to almost 20,000 young people in hopes of preventing homeless animals in the future. And because of your support, over 1 million pets have been kept from euthanasia.

Please, JOIN Team SICSA Pet Adoption Center TODAY.

It Matters!


 For more information visit: www.SICSA.org 

Did You hear... Charity Navigator named SICSA in top 6% of North American Charities!

Read More Here:  https://www.sicsa.org/news/ and
See their updated report here: https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=6093 





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