2019 Tour de Gem

Brigid's Path - Riders for Change

Brigid’s Path is a non-judgmental, family-centered, secured newborn recovery center providing services in a home-like setting. The facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with around the clock staff meeting the needs of babies and their families.

Our Values:

• We believe each baby’s life has value and each deserves the very best treatment by our staff, volunteers, and visitors.
• We believe in the strength of families and that families can, and do, contribute to the successful treatment of our patients.
• We believe all people are worthy of our respect.
• We believe in a collaborative approach to providing patient-centered care.

What we do at Brigid’s Path:

1. Provide withdrawal services to babies born drug-exposed in an intimate home-like setting surrounded by medical staff and specially trained volunteers.
2. Engage these baby’s families in an easy-to-access, non-judgmental setting where they can begin the journey of bonding with their child and accessing a wide range of community services with the assistance of family advocates using a strengths-based approach.

By participating with the Brigid’s Path team, you will help raise funds to provide:


  • Direct medical care of babies born drug-exposed
  • Family advocacy programming that provides support services to families

To learn more about Brigid’s Path, visit our website at www.brigidspath.org or follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter).

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