Tour de Gem


Sankofa Riders (Wesley Center)

The Sakofa Riders are a team of Wesley Center donors who have committed to doing the Tour De Gem on behalf of the Wesley Community Center. The riders are led by team captains Brad Roediger and Lyric Fields.

The word Sankofa is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that means " (to) go back and get it." It represents the need to reflect on the past to build a successful future. The Sankofa Team members are former clients, current and former board members, former and current residents of West Dayton and those committed to supporting the Wesley Communtiy Center and its efforts to help families and to revitalize the Westwood neighborhood. Team members are dedicaated to building upon past successes of other community leaders to build a better community through philantrophy and volutneerism.

Our team goal is $1,500 but we want to shatter that goal! Will join us as a rider or a donor?

Just click on the option that works best for you. Help us as we ride to restore the pride of the Westside.

About The Wesley Community Center

The Wesley Center is a social service agency that encourages, empowers, and strengthens the families of Westwood and surrounding neighborhoods. Specifically, Wesley Commuity Center assists people in achieving and sustataing economic self-sufficiency by helping them secure a good paying job, build their skills through advanced education and training and maintain good health with access to affordable healthy foods and nutrition services.

With over 52 years in working with individuals and their families, the Wesley Community Center is a community anchor serving the needs of over 7,000 people each year. Go to for more information.

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