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Miami Valley Free Clinics (Reach Out for Common Good)

Welcome to the Miami Valley Free Clinic’s (Reach Out for Common Good) Tour de Gem team page! We are glad you are here to make a gift or join us on one of the rides!

Miami Valley Free Clinics is a collaborative effort of Reach Out Montgomery County in Dayton, Living Well Clinic in Xenia, and Health Partners Free Clinic in Troy that serve the Miami Valley, providing FREE health care to the medically needy. For those who have no form of health care or are under-insured – finding reliable medical care can be a challenge. You know these people. They are the single moms, struggling families, laid off workers and young adults who cannot afford medical coverage or a low deductible with quality insurance. Miami Valley Free Clinics fill this gap.

The clinics that make up Miami Valley Free Clinics have a mission to provide access to health care services for the underserved/uninsured populations of their counties regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity, utilizing the professional skills of volunteer physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. These professionals volunteer their time and expertise in service to the resident of our areas without cost to our patients. Our clinics provide a safety net that offers an alternative to emergency visits for minor illnesses and chronic conditions that need immediate attention. We provide specialist referrals for those who need it and do everything we can to provide quality care to each individual.

Funding for our clinics is provided by our community in the form of foundations, grants, corporate and INDIVIDUAL giving. With almost 10,000 individual visits per year, receiving adequate funding is always an immense need. Through our collaboration we are able to leverage every $1 we receive to provide $23 worth of free health care. Your generosity enables us to continue to provide that care to each individual that walks through our doors.

Thank you for supporting our Free Clinics and the work we are doing to provide quality health care to the medically needy of the Miami Valley.

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