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Brunner Literacy Center | Literacy Changes Lives
Brunner Literacy Center | Literacy Changes Lives

Brunner Literacy Center

The Brunner Literacy Center was founded in 2011 to provide free, one-on-one tutoring to adults who want to improve their lives by improving their literacy skills.

There are 36 million adults in this country with low literacy.

Many want to improve their skills to become better contributors to their families and society. For others, English is not their native language.

No matter what people's educational goals may be, the Brunner Literacy Center is here to help. Most goals fall into one of two main categories: personal and professional.

Literacy for Personal Enrichment

Many times personal goals encourage people to improve their reading, writing, or math skills. Pursuing personal goals helps adult learners to live fuller, more well-rounded lives. Some examples of personal goals include being able to read to children or grandchildren, understanding contracts or correspondence, having greater self-esteem, feeling more connected to current events, and managing money better. 

Literacy for Workforce Readiness

Professional goals often compel adult learners to return to their educational journeys. Pursuing workforce readiness provides adult learners the literacy skills to find and maintain stable employment. Some examples of professional goals include earning a GED credential, attaining U.S. citizenship, gaining technological communication skills, and being able to complete job application documents. 


You can help! 

There are many ways you can support adult learners in Dayton, Ohio.

  • Join the BLC's Tour de Gem team right here, right now.
    Ride with us, donate to us, or share our team info with your family, friends, and coworkers.

  • Become a volunteer!
    Many different volunteering opportunities exist. Whether you want to tutor, answer phones, or help with special events, there's always something you can do to keep the Center running. Contact us at 937-567-9600 for more information.

  • Become a Literacy Leader!
    Literacy Leaders are a special group of donors who commit to an ongoing, monthly contribution to the BLC. We gratefully accept donations of any amount, and of course accept one-time donations as well. For more information, call the BLC at 937-567-9600 or visit
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