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4C for Children



Children are born full of promise. And the adults in their lives have the responsibility to keep their minds active, their bodies healthy, and their hearts happy. That's why 4C for Children supports everyone who cares for young children in our community. We educate child care professionals, help families find child care, and offer resources for learning at home. When a child receives the best care and education early on, they'll be successful throughout their life.

By joining the 4C for Children team, you will help raise funds to provide:

  • Free child care referrals to help families find quality child care
  • Outreach programs and parenting workshops to empower families
  • Training and coaching for early care and education providers
  • Nutritious meals to young children in local child care programs

To learn more about 4C, check out our website at or join us socially on Facebook or Twitter (@4cforchildren).

We look forward to riding with you on September 2nd on the 4C for Children Team!


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