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Did you know that the avearage age of a homeless person in the United States is only 9 years old?

Did you know that nearly 500 people in Dayton and Montgomery County are homeless on any given night?

Homefull, celebrating it's 30th year of providing services to homeless adults and families with children, works to end homelessness by providing housing, services, advocacy and education.  We work with nearly 5,000 individuals in any given year who are either: at risk of homelessness, currently homeless, or previously homeless.

We work on creating innovative solutions to the root causes of homelessness and not just servicing the condition of it.  Homefull focuses its efforts on housing, jobs and food and is moving the needle in our community.

Homefull provides: comprehensive services to those at any point on the continuum of homelessness; a social enterprise - Homefull Solutions - that provides workforce training to clients in urban agriculture and landscaping as well as assistance for them to find permanent jobs; and through it's consulting division - Homefull Innovations - works with small non-profits and large municipalities to build their capacity in addressing the issues of homelessness they face in their local communities.

Join our team for the Tour de Gem and help us in our efforts to build a better community as we work together with partners to create "a community where there is no homelessness."

Use #homefull30 to search for photos and information about Homefull's 30th Anniversary celebration that will be going on for 30 weeks from May 25th through December 14th.

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